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Welcome to AEIA

We offer to our client:

  • Pro-Active R & D Taxation Incentive Advice (Now Un-Capped as to the extent of R & D funding).
  • Commercialisation Australia Grant advice (for Commercialisation of R&D Projects) Grants available from $50, 000 to $2 Million.
  • Pro-active export advice. Export grants (EMDG) of up to $250, 000 per year (Per Group) for up to 7 years and other export assistance are available, administered by Austrade.
  • DAFF Grants for Agriculture & Climate Change

Fundamentally we act for researchers and developers of new products and services by assisting them with:-

1. Maximising grant applications to ensure they receive the full entitlements and comply with regulations;

2. Planning, Product Development, Manufacturing, Marketing etc :- Establishing a Strategic Plan with an export focus in a financially sustainable manner (utilising EMDG, AusIndustry and DAFF funding etc to support projects where applicable).

3. Maximise Marketing Potential :- Assist you to determine who are your potential clients and in obtaining Austrade assisted Market research for new exporters, new Exporting Networks and Industry Associations.

4. Maximise Production Capacity :- Through economic analysis, review Funding alternatives such as the EFIC Capital Guarantee Facility, DAFF Funding and AusIndustry Funding, so that your finances will not constrain your Exporting potential. The use of EFIC export Finance facilitates expansion of the distribution capacity of your overseas distributors, such as the financing of Cold Stores, Warehouse and Distribution Centres etc for your overseas clients/distributors.

5. Minimise Market Risk :- Insure your debtors, and insure the sovereign risk of your overseas clients with EFIC, Atradius ETC.

Research and Development Grants