AEIA Services

Australian Export & Industrialisation Advisory Corporation Pty Ltd was established in 1996 as an:-

  • Australian ExportsExport Consultant, registered with Austrade, under a Code of Practice (and deemed by Austrade to have been a Best Practice consultant since establishment)
  • Consultant under the Qld Department of State Development
  • Consultant with AusIndustry for their programs that commercialise new industries
  • R & D Specialist with AusIndustry and now a Registered Specialist R & D Tax Agent.
  • Consultant with Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry for their programs that commercialise new industries and research and now Climate Change Initiatives

Our objective as an economist is to assist in the development of new products and their commercialisation with a goal then to assist them as exporters in their export planning, risk minimisation, Export Grants (both Federal & State) AusIndustry and the DAFF for their programs that commercialise new industries and research. For our clients we will :-

  • Prepare their R & D submissions for AusIndustry/ATO for Research Funding.
  • Prepare their Commercial submissions For Business funding.
  • Prepare the EMDG Submissions For Export Marketing Funding
  • Prepare for Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Submissions on New Agricultural Products and Practices Including Climate Change Submissions.

Commercial Ready ProgramAs an example we will undertake the preparation of an EMDG claim by firstly, on request, preparing an Export Plan with the client, that exceeds Austrade's Grants Entry requirements, and assists the exporter in :-

  1. Establishing their export objectives.
  2. Appraising their export capacity.
  3. Determine with the client their unique selling features.
  4. Establish who their competitors are.
  5. Determine their focus markets.
  6. Establish their areas of export weakness, both internal & external.
  7. Review promotional marketing plans.
  8. Review distribution network.
  9. Determine packaging and import requirements of target markets.
  10. Review shipping arrangements.
  11. Review market research undertaken.
  12. Review and establish a financial plan for the export activity.
  13. Determine protection methods to minimise the exporters commercial risk.

For an EMDG Grant :- Commercial Ready Program

  1. Register the exporter for an Austrade EMDG Grant with Austrade.
  2. Establish the Exporter a Staff and Action Plan detailing fully the clients supporting documentary requirements.
  3. Prepare and electronically submit on behalf of the exporter an EMDG Grant application (Claim).
  4. Attend audits with an established Audit file that enables a prompt audit by Austrade.
  5. Co-ordinate and facilitate Austrade's review and prompt processing of the clients claim.

It should be noted that this company specialises in establishing: -

  • Export Networks
  • Consortiums
  • Industry Associations

In accordance with Austrade EMDG Grant requirements or informal networks to promote trade contacts, see

In August 2004, we also established the “Australian Grants Consultant Network” a network of like minded Export Consultants (ECAL Registered) who are based in :-

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane/Gold Coast
  • Cairns
  • Darwin
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Tasmania

Export and Marketing AssessmentsWith a view that if required we can act together, where necessary to service a clients needs. Our members are Ex-Austrade Auditors, lawyers, Accountants, Economists, Merchant Bankers, and marketing specialists and there location enables a total coverage of clients needs throughout Australia.

We also assist companies in export risk minimisation in particular Overseas Debtors Payment, Export Finance for your overseas clients, Export Bonds, Exporters Finance to expand an Exporters Business and Sovereign Risk Insurance.

As well as :-

  • Marketing Assessments
  • Competition Research
  • Economic Comparisons / Product Comparison
  • Full Detailed business plans

AEIA Services

R & D Registered R & D Specialist Tax Agent

Australian Export & Industrialisation Advisory Corporate Pty Ltd has since 1996 assisted potential exporters with their R & D Taxation Concessions. As a C.P.A. (M.B.A) (Whilst undertaking a D.B.A at SCU has completed with Distinction all the research subjects required in the Doctoral Course) we are uniquely placed to work with corporate clients and taxation accountants to undertake their Research and Development submission to AusIndustry and Draft submissions to the ATO with a client's Corporation Taxation Advisers.


AEIA Services

Commercialisation Grant through AusIndustry involves complex submission consisting of :-

  • Submission
  • Financials
  • Business Plan
  • Cash Flow
  • Project Costs

For selected clients we will act on their behalf to prepare their Commercialisation Ready Submission.